Size Chart

Please read this chart carefully. You will find all sizes from our different products. Please measure by yourself at the designated parts. Also make sure to read our return policy carefully. All values are in CENTIMETERS. Thank you very much!

Additional Information
A tolerance of + - 2cm is possible.
The width is measured 2cm below the arm opening (the opening, not the end of the sleeve) across the garment.
The length is measured from the highest point of the shoulder (without collar) to the lower edge of the garment.

Textiles larger than 3XL have a lower availability and may depend on the order. We will promptly order these quantities from the supplier if stock levels should change. If you order a textile in 3XL or larger, the delivery time may increase by a few days if the item is no longer available for individual printing from stock.


"A good source material creates good products." - that's why we only use high-quality textiles from well-known manufacturers.

With us there are no inferior textiles, which quickly vanish or even are partially "transparent" due to thin fabric. All textiles are carefully selected by us and also examined in the individual production. Should a reduction in quality occur - individually or permanently - we will take appropriate measures to ensure the quality of our goods. Please also note the following care instructions.

Washing instructions

The sewn-in washing instructions are no longer valid after finishing. To enjoy the longest pleasure in a piece, we recommend a temperature of 30-40 ° C (celsius) and little to no fabric softener. A slight fading of the colors compared to the delivery condition, especially with white textiles, is common. After the try-on, the fabric should be washed before the first actual wear to remove the residues of the pretreatment fluid. White / light textiles may appear slightly yellowish due to the pretreatment fluid before the first wash, which is due to the fixation of the print by heat pressing at 170 ° C. This possible discoloration of bright textiles disappears after the first - at the latest second - wash. The use of a dryer is not recommended - better air dry or iron gently. The textile should not be wrinkled after washing and turned over while ironing so that the hot contact surface does not come into direct contact with the print.